Old Antique Dressers Turned Into Stylish Modern Storage Boxes

The secret to creating a continuous décor and décor is to use the same materials, same colors and same forms. For example, take a look at this collection. It’s basically a collection of old dressers turned into sleek boxes. It’s been decorated with delicate and colorful flowers and it has a fresh and personalized look.The thing that makes these boxes, despite their size, unique is the fact that they are made of the highest quality materials. These molding units are made for different heights. They were specially designed for the purpose of supporting bottles. The units are made by the same Spanish company Estudio de Arquitectura and they feature a modern and chic style with 1950 leather-covered wood panels on the outside. These fine old dressers are very beautiful and represent a great decorative piece.

The name of this collection says it all. It includes two units with either open or closed shelves. They are mounted on the wall above the dining table and each offers multiple storage compartments. They are mounted on the inside of the doors. And because they are particularly practical in small spaces, the units come almost anywhere. The shelves can either be used to store supplies or items. They are not particularly eye-catching but they are just what a home needs. You can also use them to store all sorts of things. The drawers open to display small objects and the larger ones like towels and change paper.

The unit has a simple design and a chic look. The wood adds warmth to the décor while the drawers have laminated wooden handles. The handles are very simple and they all match black. The overall dimensions of this beautiful and colorful storage unit are 35?(H) x 40?(L), reach 20?(H) in the widest corner of the room. You can buy it for $ extremes and price range from $ cunning per 1000. happiness for the costumers.

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