Winter Mantel Decorating Ideas And Design Ideas

At some point you’ll be practicing your art art skills and it will probably take you a while until you graduate from the Baroque to the Baroque but it will still be worth it. You probably have a large collection of your Salvador Dali pictures hanging on the walls in your home. Of course you can put them to good use but until you can find the pictures you will have to replace them with generic ones or redecorate your mantel decor and make them look good.

They will give your home some personality and you probably won’t pay this much for that. It’s the nature of the decorations to instantly change the whole ambiance of the room just by using them. A generic picture with nothing but a dark tint above the fireplace, something carved in a large block of color should solve just the trick. A garland with an eye-catching star on the wall or a wallpapered wall with colorful flowers should also become a piece of art.

The star in the picture above you see is an artificial sky lantern that you can buy for $110.00. These are the standard models and large models that you can choose from. There are also oversized models with star motifs, decals and all sorts of other similar models. I’m sure they can get pricey but these are the ones that you got the cheapest.

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