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In case you were worried that you won’t find the right device for your bathroom, you’re probably wondering why would anyone want to do that. Well, if you want to have a relaxing bath or if you want to be informed as well about all the gadgets you need in a smart home, these are the steps that you might want to take.

After taking a good look at the bathroom lighting system and its features, it’s going to be difficult to come up with a perfect design for the space you want to decorate. We’ve prepared a selection of 10 interesting designs, each of them having unique characteristics. Notice all the options, from a intruded shapes to a minimalist and sculptural design.

The classical candle chandelier can be quite simple but it doesn’t always look like it is meant to be. For example, it has a more sophisticated look and a lot of style. Take a look at these options. They all feature rounded glass bodies and simple but very stylish designs.

For a spa-like feel you can use a combination of stone and wood. Take a look at this piece. It’s made from a block of stone cut into strips of wood with natural finishes and a wooden frame. The materials and textures are enough to give the room a welcoming feel.

For a coastal interior you’ll probably use lots of colors. These beautiful underwater images can give you some inspiration. Decorate the walls with floating clouds and other accent colors. A more vibrant idea would be to also use some eye-catching artwork. This bedroom has a giant 12 feet sea ship mounted on a white wall, just so that the room can be filled with views of the depths.

This is another great example of a one-of-a-kind bathroom. This room has more colors, interesting fish scales, mirrors, all right on the walls and beautiful symbols. They complete each other and they complement each other beautifully. The rest of the design is simple enough to feel harmonious and to be eye-catching.

This is a space where natural light is particularly important. Preferably, there’s also an appropriate type of lighting. One of the options would be to have sconces but this doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. If you prefer something more traditional and rustic, then take a look at stars, the way they project on walls, the role that these particular lights open and the role of the chandeliers in this case.

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