Raw Wood Dresser, Simplicity In Both Form And Function

Not everything that’s old and ugly has to be made a part of our memories. In fact, when it comes to pieces of furniture, it’s not always the case. Furnishings and accessories that can help us add character to a room and make it feel more inviting are very appreciated. But such a piece can just get you the feel for a vintage piece of furniture, at hand and without damage. This is a wooden dresser made from old and damaged wood.

The wood used to create this dresser was salvaged from Danish working factories. Its surface is richly lacquered and, because of the mortise and ten count print, it seamlessly fits in modern décor. The dresser has a circular drawer that can accommodate a lot of things, from cloths, bags, shoes and even books. It also has three removable shelves and an exposed wooden frame. The limited edition 2.2m size is not the right choice for a small room. The dresser is very charming and it would look lovely in a small bedroom.

The wooden structure makes the dresser suitable for both small and large bathrooms. This way it can also make a nice addition to the home office. It’s great for documents, books, desk accessories and it would make a lovely piece for the kids’ room. The dimensions of this beautiful piece are 72? x 42? x 12?.Available for 400$.

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