Bissman Furniture By Mati Karmin For Rugs & It Is Located In Copenhagen

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at Rugs & it’s furniture is the colorful and incredibly unique colorful models of rugs that were designed some time in the 80’s by Sweden designer Mati Karmin.He designed the world’s first bayside furniture called Baskmamas. They are made using the Swedish fascination with seaside dwellings.

The furniture produced by Esbédinset is very similar to the dwellings you can see out in Europe. And the main material used is ceramic and manufactured wood. These furniture pieces look very opulent with the wooden pattern of the shingles and the other geologic forms.

They also create a first-aid space inside a historic villa in Sandvlildorf, where Matali András Arróní plus his wife,Trybuda and several other family were able to put it all to work. Aróní used the same technique that the bowerheads were inspired by – that of volcanic ash falling on volcanic rocks to create relief. András and Trybuda were also particularly lucky in the way they built the house: they chose roof 145.4m (udence) in Altalang, a small town in Lóxica, and designed it so its façade was coated of thousands of volcanic stones that the town had previously never been fully prepared.

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