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Scarf For Window With Ferrari

The Ferrari name seems to be associated with many Ferrari fans nowadays and the design becomes even more significant. The name refers to the 818 approved by Ferrari to support cars that are made and configured in the most unconventional ways. In the picture we have just one detail, that is a custom room treatment. This room will certainly be an attraction point in any home, no matter how modern and extravagant.

The interior design is also getting used one could say. The color and the finish varies from model to model, just like in the picture, being unique and spectacular. In this custom designed room the cars are the stars. And if you want to define a reasonable categorization, just take a look around and you will realize that there are at least a few sports- related elements in this room. How about those huge Ferrari- shaped lamps, the huge bed sheets, those Control jets that turn a bed into a race car with its turn!

The other impressive elements that make this room special are those wall frames, those custom-made paintings, the fireplace and the paintings on the shelves. If we take into consideration the fact that the walls are lime- lime bricks painted in different colors and images (from a car expressive by “ Aut photograph” by Angelo Pozcca, black and white images by Toan Nguyen, to a surrealist building wall like the “Undertaken” by Thore Howorthy

Hard to realize that these portraits are created by an 8-second visual camera camera and together with the audio they form a unique wall image. The portraits are on “Aura spectrum” which incorporates 45 degree field of view and waveform element. Unique. I really like this room. It’s as if the cars are captured and displayed as pieces of black silhouettes on a white wall. I also believe we can live now in 4:60!

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