Cities Like Seattle By Atelier Venschloch

Today we would like to present you one of the latest stylish and ingenious buildings designed by Atelier Venschloch. Celebrate your city and live modern and minimalistic in a fabulous modern environment with the seattle City and enjoy the freshness of the sea and nature. Each villa designed by Atelier Venschloch has a very nice and simple geometrical shape but at the same time it looks very intriguing.

The villa is situated in Switzerland, on the slope of the Hudson River.Lovely modern furniture, lovely plants and vibrant colors combined with all the natural light create a cheerful and refreshing place to live. I really like the suspended sink near the pool. The kitchen is very modern and minimalist. The house is decorated with light tones and the big glass windows are also a great way of enjoying the beauty of the views.

The grey tone used in the décor is a neutral one to me. It looks very nice and I’m sure that this balance will maintain the balance throughout the entire house. This is a house where children are welcome and this is a very good choice in this case.

Venschloch was also the creative brain behind this project. He used a new type of wood using a traditional method. The color of the wood gradually changes over the course of time so the water-stained and varnished surface and the minimalistic design were the perfect criteria with which to introduce this new material. Furthermore, the grey stone pattern is a wonderful and very well chosen detail.

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