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Wooden Hair Pin By Poppytalk

I’m back with something new and interesting in terms of designs, so I thought I would star with you. This is a wooden hair pin. It’s just a very creative idea and new and unusual way of pinning someone’s back when taking those heels off. You can easily make one yourself. All you need is some 1 1/2 ft. thick, rough wood or bumpers, wood glue, tape, screws and a screwdriver. You’ll use it to display your pinstripe piece and to make ornaments that you’ll be using for specific projects.

This simple pinstripe wooden branch candle ornament would look beautiful on the mantle or on the table, not only on a Halloween table, like the ones you decorate with in other projects, like the ones above. To make the ornaments you’ll need wooden branches with multiple diameters so the pinstripe can fit inside. You’ll also be using half of a wooden dowels, a hammer, nails, a saw, paint and black spray paint. You can find instructions for this project on DIYs. Or, if you prefer something simpler and more affordable, you can try making a floral design using twine and thread.

Another project that shows simplicity can be found on DIYs. This time we’re talking about using felt in order to make pinwheels. The first step is to make the pinwheels yourself. You’ll need a wooden block and a short piece of fabric. You can find the step-by-step instructions onsweetsurvival.

For the Christmas mobile the design featured on DIYs would be a perfect. To make these accessories you’ll need felt and scissors. A wooden disc and some colored card stock are the main supplies and used to make the mobile. You can use red, yellow and white or some other color as well. You can also make something cute for the kids’ room if you want. The instructions can be found on Hometalk.

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