Ikea Tertial Lamp Collection

The Empordini double line desk lamp is a new and very modern adaptation of an existing model. The most basic elements have been preserved as a plus, most of the original elements have been included in the new design and these are elements that, despite being different, are linked at the same time.

The inspiration for the Empordini lamp comes from award-winning glass lamps and this allows it to stand out by simply being unique and eye-catching. The lamp is produced in Denmark and it was designed by studio Tjedestuur. It’s a modern ceiling lamp which reinvents the traditional type of lamp. The glass is hand-blown and the shade has a double-cone lens. It was available in two sizes and it’s available in both standard and high-gloss versions.

The Empordini lamp is offered by the Noket. It was originally designed for the Show in the 1980s and it has a sleek and sculptural design that makes it perfect for modern and contemporary office spaces. The base offered the Noket tripod a sturdy and extremely simple construction. The top can be removed and the lamp becomes an LED or porcelain piece. Its design was later updated to include bottle supports and an LED light source.

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