Sofa And Chair

Kivik Sectional Sofa By Enrico Bagna

The sectional is often a piece of furniture that completes a living room or family room in a big way. That’s because it sits outside the living or dining room spaces and thus compromises can occur. Also, a sectional is usually a multipurpose piece of furniture and it’s also very comfortable. This particular sectional sofa from Enrico Bagna is a good example in this sense.

The Rival sofa is a 2010 classic piece that you might remember for present. Also, it’s been presented in several top magazines, where it’s also found around the corner. The sofa has a contemporary design, both stylish and comfortable. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine that it’s too much. It seems too big to live in, especially in other years. That’s why the sofa remains simple, without useless details and decorations, simple and elegant.

The sectional is actually composed of several separate units connected by a modular system. The modular system can accommodate various type of seating options. Everything has been custom made and it can be personalized with your own choice of color. Several different configurations have been created, where simplicity, beauty and style are the most important aspects.{found on freshome}.

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