Midcentury Modern Lamps By Roger Ferreiring

Contemporary fashion has allowed designers to create accessories and furniture of all kinds, from bathroom ladders to dining chairs and tables. This time, however, there was a problem: the lighting fixtures. The owners of this apartment in New York had no idea what they wanted, so they purchased lamps and lighting fixtures that were either too dark or inappropriate. They wanted to place them in a long and narrow space, so they preferred wall lamps instead and they were very pleased with the result.

They also managed to add a very beautiful and eye-catching chandelier, a proper contemporary pendant lamp that can also be used at home to create a very cozy and inviting atmosphere. The chandelier is very stylish and chic, being made of metal. The key for the design in this case was not to use too many colors, not to use bright and vivid colors, but to create a subtle and warm environment, summing up with a very refined and chic design. Of course, Roger Ferrelling’s design is not only successful that way. It was chosen for the way in which the lamps hang beautiful and striking light that is pleasant to the eyes, contrasting with the cold plastic shades and also with the wooden furniture.

This lovely mini chandelier is also very nicely designed. It’s oval in shape and has a very beautiful hand-rubbed finish. Given the way the light falls on it, the chandelier is wonderful for cozy bedrooms or reading corners. Not only that it looks beautiful, but it also has an elegant and stylish design. The dimensions of the Schankwerk Twin Lampre by Masterian is 48.5’’H x 20’’W x 24.25’’D. The length of the cord can be either 35’’ to 40’’ or 160’’ to 64’’. The product becomes applicable when you order from Europe.

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