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Artificial Hanging Plants For The Garden

Hanging plants have always been beautiful decorations. Whether it’s flower andymphs, swings, colorful flowers or anything else, the effect is very different for each type. Still, creating the right display for your garden is not as difficult as you may think. As you might have imagined, basic and regular plants are suited for such projects. For example, you could make silk flowers and plant pods. But other than those, hanging plants only need a few special supplies such as the webbing, scissors, glue, tape, soil and plants. We’ve made some really interesting examples which you can use as inspiration for your own work.

The first project is also very simple. It’s a planter made from a branch that you’ve already found in any store or garden or on your wall. Carve a hole in the top of the branch for the string to pass through and make some holes through the string and into the plant section. After this, glue the string to the back of the branch so it sits in space that is between two branches. It’s simple and it’s original.{found on growgardeningroaches}.

A different option is to make paper flowers which are not as difficult to make but they still need special treatment. To make them soft and delicate, bake clay following the instructions and let the clay dry. Then wrap a section of fabric around the flower. It can be a single flower or a cluster of more flowers. Let the clay dry and then glue the plants on. Use glue to keep them in place.{found on howaboutorange}.

Another very simple and cute project is to make paper flowers which you’ve previously painted to match your decor. You can find all the supplies you need for that which is basically just a bunch of colored twine. Cut the stems in any way you like and then wrap the stems in twine, creating a stemware holder. Glue the twine to the bottom of the flower and wrap it around around the stem. {found on theartofdoingstuff}.

An unusual thing to use when making paper flowers is when making paper flowers. Here, three fresh green twigs were used together to create a twine that was glued to the back of the flowers. They were also wrapped in colored paper. So you can transfer the colors into the flowers and this way you’ll have something original to start with.{found on fancy}.

This project is a bit more…long. There are several options you can choose from and here we’re going with a few that involve flowers. To make this garland you need green twigs, a sharp knife, a white bud vase, pink tulle and scissors. If you want to recreate this shape, choose a different color or a combination of colors.

If you don’t want to use tissue paper and all the things that go in your fridge, you can use tiny pumpkins. First you gather the paintbrushes, put the small pumpkins in a large plate, then put them in a bowl and start wrapping twine around them creating interesting patterns. At the end, wrap twine around the top and bottom of the pumpkin.{found on thehuntedinterior}.

Thrifty and chic, this paper flower garland has all sorts of uses. It’s something you might want to make for your next party or business center decoration. To make it you need a template, push plates, a few small modifications, a power drill and some sandpaper. First you need to make the template, put the pages through the power drill and make the petal flower out of cardstock. Then start making the base of the flower and apply sandpaper between the flowers starting from the center.

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