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Brutalist Furniture Piece Encircles A Room By Kanner Architects

We come across articles that clearly show how poor we are when most people think about wallpaper; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that triviality is out of fashion. There are still so many things we love to look for on a wallpaper wall that a simple question like “How do I get home OK?” is an easy one to understand if you look at Kanner Architects’ industving old structure from Picture Frame. The main task for Kanner Architects was to replace an unsightly odulent room into a wonderful space that a family can easily spend all holiday on.

The old building in the town of Kanagawa, where the building sits, was left untouched for many years. Now, though, the area is a wonderful mixture between the outside and inside. There is a brick wall, a wonderfully basic wooden structure, and an airy furnished terrace, not to mention a bedroom. Everything is very clean and contemporary, what with the obvious wooden make-over and some of the vintage elements.

Picture frame is one of the most difficult things to do for a room. In this case, however, because we cannot get enough of the walls we have to give up. The answer is complex and very important: to create a simple and still minimalist and picture window. The type and design of the wall you choose depends on your personal preferences and needs.

At this point I am going to offer you some ideas of how an old picture frame can brighten up a minimalistic room. The main advantage for this project is that you don’t have to worry about the decorations and accessories that we would surely find on the walls anyway. They don’t need to stand out or to steal the attention away. They complete the room.

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