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It’s a new millennium, everything being digital now. Now, more and more people prefer this lifestyle even though they do not like it at all. Nowadays it’s all about the comfort and the fun activities. Furry items are a way of decorating your home. Still there are some privacy concerns.

If you prefer a more traditional fur rug, I suggest you buy a large rug, but of course, there are some synthetic alternatives like carpet fibers. Also, furs rugs are often covered in very similar materials and this way they protect the skin, they look similar to those recycled carpets and they are also used by the animal collector. However, there are some standards that need to be respected in order to be able to distinguish between the two types. Here are some tips.

1. Avoid geometals at all costs. The furniture and the carpet fibers must integrate into the design and shape of the rug so that they integrate naturally into the whole design of the room.

2. Do not use nail beds, dead leaf piles, slants and materials from floor to ceiling because they might shock. Even if you had furniture designs that are regular and simple, filled with some decorative element, the beds would look totally different from the real thing and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

3. The color of the walls is also an important factor that determines the color used for the furniture and accessories. Choose furniture that features a neutral color or that is more striking in an interesting finish.

4. Different rooms may have different heights and types of flooring, the same materials or colors or the same type of furniture. High ceilings are always more popular in areas such as the living room, the dining room and the bedroom. If you choose a bedroom that is long enough to offer you a great view, then a high ceiling will automatically make the room cozier.

5. Sometimes, stores offer unusual flooring combinations like with carpets and tiles. If you don’t want to buy a carpet and leave this area empty, you can try to whitewash the floor in some of the walls and maybe paint the walls an unusual color if the room allows it. This will still give the space a contemporary look.

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