Mountain Murals By Photographer Peter Sellar

Perusing the pictures is always fun and you never know what you will find then so it’s better to just take a peek and see what it looks like. For this project by Peter Sellar it came out beautifully, with a sense of playful spite. Peter Sellar is a talented photographer that has specialized for this type of projects over time. Often he or she needs to constantly change styles and elements related to furniture, santals and accessories.

With this project everything changed and the furniture and accessories didn’t even make it look perfect. It’s why a more modern and simple storage system was chosen and a layout was created that seamlessly combined all the items that were stored inside it. Notice the minimalist tiled floors that create an irregular shape to the furniture. There were also certain elements that have been preserved, like the simple but dramatic black light fixtures, the transparent ones in case you were curious.

The combination of materials and textures is part of the same concept. Of course, there were irregularities to this project like light grey stone floorings, the continuous concrete table and also the simple but dramatic combination of wood and metal for the dining area. These are just details that have been personalized and adapted. Still, it’s a modern approach. The nature of the residence has been preserved and only enhanced. There’s nothing that can change. For now it sits quiet and beautiful, with the timeless elegance that only a pure house can offer.

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