Design And Concept

Black C Table With White Top And A Metal Leaf Leaf Top

The Black Table offers an elegant furniture solution in terms of material, design and dimensions. The Black Table is highly elegant in design, with an intricate metal leaf top and a metal leaf base. It’s a versatile piece of furniture because it combines the elegance of the wood with the fun and unique touch of the leaf top. The table is made in Brazil by Porta Design and it features a handcrafted look.

The black leaf top is beautifully complemented by a mirror base that shares the same colors and features the same traditional finish as the top itself. The round mirror has a transparent glass internal cap which allows it to remain bright and beautiful but also usable as a decoration. The table is available is ten wonderful designs for the costumers to choose from. They are simple but sophisticated, unique and quite original.

The design of the Black Table is closer to the 1970s when modern and traditional furniture was the norm. By mixing and matching different materials, designs and colors you create a very interesting personality and your own personal space. The Black Table is great on multiple levels. The kids bedroom is the best choice for example, the kids enjoy a safe place to play and the table is perfect for that. The dinner table is very important because it has to surprise the little one who still to receive the cup of the famous red from the bar.

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