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Clayton Marcus Stone Block House With A Dreamy Interior Décor

Located in Claring, Victoria, Australia, the Clayton house is a project designed by Robert Simeus Architecture in collaboration with Peter Clarke of ARTA.

The residence provides welcoming spaces, as well as interior and exterior design as well as a series of stylish new features, including a frameless glass extension and glazed walls which give the house a contemporary-retaining appeal that resembles that of a factory.

Inside, the clay house is filled with modern furniture, art and beautiful artwork, all created particularly with the help of a wonderful collection curated by the owners, carefully picking only the most-interesting pieces when possible.

The architects gave the house a quirky, “kooky and unusual rocket form” design, which is a welcome extra at night feature to the abode. It is also a subtle reminder of what is found outside, with an underground garage, a powder room, a cellar and “pizza” kitchen with “new” appliances.

The star of the house is, of course, the double-height living and dining space. Upstairs is also the master bedroom and its ensuite bathroom, accessed by pivoting doors from the downstairs balcony. These areas have a warm yet contemporary sense of luxury thanks to the doors with mahogany paneling.

Outside, the brick exterior walls and a stone tile deck complement the modern and luxurious interior.

Cleaning is basic with just a couple of chemicals, including a double-layer washing Machine. On warm days, just take one faucet from the counter and use the gentle hand to tap it onto the luxe floor-to-ceiling shelves, which can be opened wide for easy access to all contents. The setup of the home’s light fixtures employs LED cove lighting.

In direct contrast to and in connection with the structure itself, soft natural textures (woven straight from Portland, Oregon) adorn the finished walls and sparse interior finishes. The space is finished with natural wood flooring and white walls, which juxtapose soothing, natural spaces with more Stark, homey yet personal furnishings.
The home’s interior is designed with plenty of open space, which results in more air and fresh air than a house full of people and social life would need. Warm wood floors create an elegant counterpoint in the minimalist design of the kitchen, along with a more informal dining setting, which is complete with its separate oven and grill.

The outdoor living areas on the inside of the house are also designed with ample glass panels to take advantage of the uninterrupted views and natural views.

Each bedroom is designed with maximum privacy and, during the warmer months, are designed with an open plan nature reminiscent of a family room, with reduced number of chairs and furniture but all joinery is finished with the same wood grain as the ceiling’s flooring.

The master bedroom and its bathroom are located directly above the kitchen, with uniquely sliding panels open to both of them for privacy. The light and airy bedroom has a large window which opens toward a small garden, flooded with natural light through its upper windows.

The bathroom is done in warm, linear tones, matching the warmth of the marble elsewhere in the house. A sharply linear vanity is finished with an exquisite wood counter and floating concrete shelves.

The interior lights are out of the Archetype House’s standard design constraints. Even the bathroom is cool, bright, and interesting. The rectangular room is outfitted with a sink, bench, and dark understructure vanity. A hallway leads to the bedroom, while maintaining the sense of a separate room that is more like a single function than an area in which to wet off.
photo credit: Alessandro Peralta

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