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Contemporary Drawer Pulls

Kitchen furniture is usually relatively simple and easy to integrate in any type of environment or décor. However, if you want a contemporary kitchen you might have to get crazy and wait for the furniture to be ready to Michele and Barry Storenette Architects located in London, United Kingdom. They designed this contemporary collection of drawer pulls and they are all made of polycarbonate, a material which is extremely thin and fragile at the moment. Still, they are strong enough to be used as decorations and they look beautiful against a white background and they don’t take much space either. The irregular design makes it look uninteresting.

These drawer pulls would look great in a modern home. The main reason for that is the simple fact that they look so interesting and eye-catching and that the minimalism is amazing. Of course, you can choose to use them for a more complex environment. It’s true that you’ll have to use a lot of drawer knobs in there but it’s not a big problem. You can also choose the white knobs and opt for different colors for each drawer.

Since people usually always seem to spend too much money on electronics, most people probably end up spending it on TVs, so it’s not a problem if you have a smart TV. If you have no place to keep the cables then it’s easier to just replace them. The best choice would be to get a magnetic hookup for the TV. Since it’s a smart thing to do, you can easily change the voltage and keep your cables off and also place it against the wall. Another thing you can do is get a sliding barn door. You can close the door to hide the mess up there and just put everything where you have picked it standing.

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