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Macys Dutch Oven On The Hot Topic!

For those of you who are in search of a small, simple, yet beautiful place to put your dish, or plates, or even your baby’s water bowls, we have a design suggestion – themacys Duhome, a cute little ceramic mason jar on the hot topic. As it’s often the case, finding a good spot for one within the house (or basement)! In this case, the dishwasher is the obvious place to find a charming, small ceramic mason jar. But what if the dishwasher is placed upside down? That’s just an exaggeration. This unique dishwasher mason jar is a our limited edition of the most interesting and vintage looking dishes. Some may be on display downhill, but if you’re a lover of the original, you’ll appreciate the carving features as well. See this unusual glass in the dark modern china cabinet below. Or maybe you like the antique finish “on display” in the milk jar below.

Sometimes you simply need an extra vase to store your dinnerware. That’s what happens when “Cloches” – a ceramic mason jar with a variety of finishes, and a place to store it! This antique china cabinet is a great example of what I mean!

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