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Russian Blue Allergies

People associate the difference between blue and white very much, which is true. However, there is a general rule for all colors and it must always be different, especially when they are used in big quantities. That happens because we all associate the 2 neutrals with the same color hierarchy. And when we think about it, cool and calm colors like blue, red, beige, grey, yellow, green, orange and yellow will always be calming to the senses. But when you put blue as the main color for furniture and interior design, it’s like creating a magic land for airplanes that would fly on the sky and still manage.

So the combination of blue and white – as well as the patterns and colors – is perfect for small apartments and houses. I’ve noticed that in German design there are a lot of mosaic designs with white and blue as the background – like a big background for the furniture. That’s exactly the effect of all the furniture where the blue, white and red was used, as background and also color. The same goes for stripes or big decorative patterns like polka dots, triangles or watercolors.

The same applies for accessories like curtains, pillows or carpets – they should be at least 6” to 8” off from the walls. And finally curtains can be only used in the bedroom, so red can probably also complete the room’s design at all level.

Most of all, all the furniture in the apartment should be white, as a neutral and happy color to enhance any kind of style. You can do something a little more colorful or maybe do it all in the same tone. Either way, the same thing goes for the carpets, blinds, curtains and other accessories, too. Always remember that you need to pay attention to the overall effect.

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