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Tv Tray Makeover: How To Clean An Old TV Tray

Sometimes the best way to update your living room is to either paint the walls or use a more timeless and simple alternative. TV trays, as a rule, tend to be outdated and ugly so if you want to make a change but you don’t really like the design you’ll only have time to bother with it. After capping off the tray, clean it and apply a fresh coat of paint. After that, wipe down the tray to remove any paint or imperfections.

1. Use the same techniques as in the step step description above, However, make sure the paint is dry and smooth.

2. Cover the entire wall in the new shade. Boasting a wide strokes, cover half of the wall with a semi-narrow paint tint. Make sure the paint is evenly distributed all across the wall, being careful to not let the paint get wet at the point you did.

3. If you want to paint a column or shelves without any support, you might have to use clothesline tape, first to delimitate the areas and then to paint the whole wall, being careful not to get drippies on this section.{found on joyfullyhome}.

4. Be sure to only paint from the bottom. Choose colors that are near the top of the wall and only paint one portion, leaving a line at the bottom. Use painter’s tape to create the desired color.

5. Continue painting the column and shelves until the whole ceiling is painted. At this point you can also remove the tape. Apply a second coat of paint and let it dry.{found on urbactirl}.

6. Attach the bottom part of the carpet to the ceiling with a few paint chips. Tear off the excess paint and wrap the bottom part with two-part tape to hide paint. Wrap the edges in washi tape as shown above.{found on designsponge}.

7. Then cut the cord of the trolley from two wires and run it through a piece of washi tape, coming up to the bottom of the trolley. Wrap the cord around two more times to balance it-about 4”-6”.

8. Tape the bottom part of the trolley to the ceiling.

Then spray paint the top rim of the trolley with the same paint work technique, Allow to dry and apply new trolley to your home. Fix the paper with painter’s tape and tape along the long side. Wrap the cord of the trolley with tape and tape the bottom to the interior of the trolley as well.{found on decoratingadventures}.

9. Place a tea light on the lower part of the trolley.

These cute tea light sculptures are both tax-resistant and easy to make. You need Eau De Toi provided template and some cardboard. The three tea light sculptures go into one of them and through the cardboard with the help of their googly eyes. The planter is made of cardboard.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

10. Make fun framed candles with cardboard.

Instead of going out to buy them, why not make a stylish and original framed candle holder? You can make it by taking a bunch of cardboard tubes. You need at least one of cardboard or wood, a hot glue gun and a drill. Decorate the tubes with colored googly eyes and voila … candles!{found on martha}.

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