Mid Century Nightstands To Fit In Your Tiny Bedroom

Whether you are a bachelor or you simply want some extra storage space in your bedroom, a nightstand is the perfect solution. They are a perfect piece if you have a tiny bedroom where you spend a lot of time and where you don’t use for anything else. But did you know there are 2 different types of nightstands?

1. The nightstands with extensions

In the case of the bedroom, you have two distinct pieces of furniture to work around. When you have two different bedroom’s, two extensions of the bed can easily fit in. This means you have more space to play with and you can opt for more furniture during the sleep. Some people opt for nightstands, others prefer nightstands.

2. The nightstands without slimmer

For some, there is just nothing you can do about it when you have a big bedroom. And that is exactly why some nightstands without slimmer are an excellent solution. Some nightstands without extra surface areas provide more surface area for some more slouchy furniture pieces, making the room seem more spacious and clutter-free. Some people choose to add extra surface area to the nightstands themselves, allowing you to use the space creatively.

Whether you decide to include something that could be a more distinctive piece of furniture in your bedroom or simply opt for nightstands that do not provide the same level of functionality as other piece of furniture, the room will have a unique look without any extra features.

With extra space and power-saving features in the nightstand, a bedroom can be transformed from a cozy sleeping area to a stylish workspace without much hassle. Unite your side closet with a side table, a stylish nightstand like the Wave Series showed here, or even a stylish shelving unit that can be moved around to suit your needs.

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