Old Antique Dressers Turned Into Elegant Dining Tables

Old furniture and pieces of furniture in general are more or lesspassed, but not every time the designers try to come up with something new and unusual. Usually vintage furniture has a particular charm that is created by the particularities of the piece itself and not through the style. Most often these vintage pieces of furniture have an informal look and a vintage design. But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Today we’re going to take a look at a very beautiful dining table that features an antique design. It’s not the typical dining table and it wouldn’t be right for a modern home if it didn’t have that antique look. So if you’re looking for something similar, this particular model might be the one for you.

The dining table has been finished with top wine consequences. The legs have been wrapped with old world charm. The wooden structure has been highlighted with lovely gold Fleiss bulbs. The legs are black, with an even more elegant black seal plus the gold finish looks very stylish in contrast with the wooden the legs and the overall vintage look. In a modern setting it would make a great choice. The dimensions of the dining table are 53?w x 41?d x 28?h. You can buy it for $1,300.00. In case you wished to match this table with a braided table, there are other styles available as well.

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