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Taupe House In Tel Aviv

There are moments when the construction of a new building can be inferior to the skills of the Apple Store. Because the software development is so sophisticated, any persons interested should spend no time at the hardware store. Recently, the Shaft offices were transformed into beautiful and modern offices. The space can be found in Ronc Studio, Israel.

The project was finished in 2010 and it’s a place where the painter Shaftan Manar has his eye on events like digital marketing, interior design and digital art. The company was established in 2009 by four friends: the designer Ofer, the painter Amira and the designer Najidin Shehbazghua. Now the company offers to the public a wide range of services, while at the same time it encourages designers to collaborate with Israeli designers from a much wider range of designers.

The new office is situated in the center of Tel Aviv and subdivided by its lofts. There’s a bridge that links the two structures and that separate the public and private areas. The office has concrete floors and concrete columns, a combination that transformed the space into a contemporary office and private meeting space. It’s a place where art is displayed in subtle and artistic ways. The lounge and meeting areas have comfortable and inviting décor and the music is also a large musical instrument that takes the form of a bar.

These are several spaces aimed to make the site, usable and restored as a medium, a public space for creative activities and a work area. The style chosen for the interior is industrial and modern. The office combines raw elements with ingenious and dynamic lines and shapes and the result is a balanced and interesting look and feel.{found on dezeen}.

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